EmpathyLab is a new organisation
 We’re passionate about the power of stories to build empathy and the power of empathy to make the world a better place 

EmpathyLab is in the finals for the prestigious Teach First Innovation Award.  As part of this, the Community Choice Award invites the public to vote for the winner of a £500 prize.
Please vote for EmpathyLab on this online platform! 

The empathy-building power of reading beautifully illustrated for us by Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell. 

EmpathyLab at Moorlands Primary Academy | Jon Biddle
The Empathy instinct | We’re proud that EmpathyLab features in The Empathy Instinct, Sir Peter Bazalgette’s new book

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I’m delighted that EmpathyLab is exploring new ways of using words and stories to build empathy skills.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson
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