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New Empathy Day 2018 plans announced

Thrilled by the success of our first ever Empathy Day last June, we’re now making Empathy Day an annual national event. In 2018 it will be on 12 June. 
See here for details of what will be happening on the day.

Teachers and librarians! Don’t miss our important new 2018 Read for Empathy Book collection, developed in partnership with Peters and a distinguished selection panel. 30 fantastic, contemporary books for 4-11 year olds, perfect for empathy-focused work. The collection will be available in early February, but if you order now you get a 20% discount. The panel is choosing the books in January, and the likely cost is between £125-£175. Pre-order here for the discount plus a FREE poster and set of bookmarks

Twitter auction for EmpathyLab
We’re so grateful to Nicolette Jones, the Sunday Times’ Children’s Book Reviewer. She’s just raised £475 for our work through a Twitter auction. Here she is with the highest bidder, Nicholas Jones of Strathmore Publishing, his car loaded with 12 boxes of children’s non-fiction for Bolnore Village School, where one of his colleagues is a governor.
To donate to our work please contact

New Read for Empathy Book collection announced in partnership with Peters
- 30 fantastic books for 4-11 year olds, chosen by a distinguished selection panel
- Books which give children insights into other ways of life and issues of the day, like refugees or mental illness
- Available from February 2018

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EmpathyLab at The Bookseller Children's Conference
Read Miranda McKearney and Professor Robin Banerjee's speech presented at the BookSeller Children's Conference in September.

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The empathy-building power of reading beautifully illustrated for us by Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell.

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