EmpathyLab is a new organisation
 We’re passionate about the power of stories to build empathy and the power of empathy to make the world a better place 

Finance skills? Join our founding team
EmpathyLab is looking for two volunteer finance specialists to join our founding team of five.
· A strategist: you would be helping to build our business model, win funding bids and underpin all our decisions with sound financial approaches
· An accountant/book-keeper: helping us build and run sound financial systems

For further information, contact our Chair, Miranda McKearney OBE

The empathy-building power of reading beautifully illustrated for us by Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell. 

EmpathyLab at Moorlands Primary Academy | Jon Biddle
The Empathy instinct | We’re proud that EmpathyLab features in The Empathy Instinct, Sir Peter Bazalgette’s new book

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I’m delighted that EmpathyLab is exploring new ways of using words and stories to build empathy skills.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson
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