EmpathyLab Schools trial

I am following the future of EmpathyLab with great interest and am delighted that a group of Pioneer Schools is now part of the action. I love the way EmpathyLab is exploring how to build children’s emotional intelligence through words and stories. 
It's amazing to see the worlds of literacy, neuroscience and wellbeing brought together.
Dame Jacqueline WIlson

EmpathyLab pioneer schools

We are working with 11 pioneer primary schools across the UK and lots of authors and publishers. They are pioneering with us experimental approaches  which harness the power of stories to build a central life skill for children – empathy.  Approaches which could spread to every school, and every home, with every single story moment doing double service.

Pioneer Schools evaluation report

We summarised the results of this first year of activity into an Evaluation report covering the impact of experimental work with the pioneer schools from November 2015 to July 2016. The trial  has yielded stronger results than anticipated; we are very encouraged and believe that our approach can give schools a framework for achieving different priorities simultaneously, through normal school activities. 

Our evaluation found five main areas of impact:

• Children’s empathy skills and wellbeing
• Literacy
• Family involvement
• Social action
• School ethos and strategy

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